A Little Gaggle Insight, If I May

From Holden:

Josh Marshall asks:

Can this be true? Says Judd Legum at ThinkProgress: “For the fourth straight time since his lawyer admitted that Rove was one of Matt Cooper’s sources, no member of the White House press corps asked a question about Rove’s role.”

It was on Saturday, July 02, that we first learned Rove was one of Cooper’s sources. Since that time Scottie has convened four gaggles. Two were aboard Air Force One, one was on the ground in Scottland, and another was conducted via telephone immediately after the bombings in London. One of the Air Force One gaggles was set up for NSA Steve Hadley to discuss G-8, while the other airborne gaggle and the one held in Scottland also focused on G-8, both featuring Deputy National Security Advisor Faryar Shirzad.

In addition to the limited scope of these four briefings consider the fact that all four were held for the travel pool, not the full White House press corps – no Helen Thomas, not even a Les Kinsolving among them. It’s a bit unrealistic to expect the travel pool to ask many questions that stray away from G-8 or the bombings.

Have patience, dear readers. When the gaggle returns to Washington and the full press corps has a crack at Little Scottie I’d bet my last dollar that the subject of Karl Rove’s treason will pop up.