Freepi Gone Wild

Not a pretty sight:

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – Four mosques were vandalized in northern New Zealand overnight Sunday, leaving windows smashed and walls splashed with graffiti, police said.

They declined to say whether the attacks in Auckland were linked to subway and bus bombings in central London Thursday, which killed at least 49 people and injured 700.

But Prime Minister Helen Clark immediately condemned the attacks, linking them to retaliation for the London terror bombings. A group calling itself The Secret Organization of al-Qaida in Europe has claimed responsibility for the London attacks.

“New Zealanders across all communities are horrified by the terrorist attacks in London, which are the work of evil people,” she said in a statement. “But it is wrong to target the Muslim community here in retaliation.”

What follows must be an example of that ideology of hope their preznit likes to talk about:

Only 4? (Slackers.)

Islamofacist terrorists

burning trash pig korans

to create unrest

for other Islamofacist pigs.

It is their pig way!


It’s about time to start doing this in the USA.

Poor little Islamic bas*ards. I have this sneaking suspicion they haven’t seen nothing yet.

Why were they only vandalized? Why weren’t they torched with flaming hog lard during “prayer services” (AKA: Terror planning sessions) to kill terrorists as well as destroy their infrastructure.

Note- To our Aussie friends….FINISH THE JOB, please.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing: implicit threats, flaming hog lard imagery, or the blank verse poem. You guys decide.