Today on Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle [Summary]

From Holden:

As I have mentioned before, the White House does not routinely provide a transcript for the morning gaggle, but TalkRadioNews usually has one of their gagglers write up a summary.

Today TRN’s Wendy Wang covers the morning gaggle and the “flurry of questions” regarding Karl Rove’s treasonous activities.

Press Secretary Scott McClellan was asked if he would retract his earlier statement about Karl Rove’s possible involvement in revealing Valerie Plame as a CIA covert agent two years ago. McClellan stated that the White House was cooperating fully with the investigation, but that it is an on-going investigation, therefore he declined to make further comments from the podium. That response roused a flurry of questions, as McClellan had stated earlier that Rove was not involved in revealing Plame’s identity, when the case was first investigated. McClellan was asked why the change in policy to which he firmly would not make further comments. It was then asked why Matthew Cooper’s e-mail with Rove was not disclosed along with phone logs and other records during the earlier investigation. McClellan said he would have to refer that question to the prosecutors. McClellan was then asked if he was embarrassed for defending Rove. McClellan said he had the same response as earlier about not commenting. Reporters asked if the White House stands by its policy to remove from the Administration anyone found to have been involved in revealing the CIA operative’s identity. Again, McClellan said he would not respond from the podium to which it was pointed out that it was more a question on White House policy than on the ongoing investigation. No response. A question was asked on whether the President “loved the sinner but not the sin” to which, McClellan said thanks for the question but he will not rise to the bait.

The afternoon gaggle should be a doozy.

Ms. Wang also summarized Scottie’s opening remarks regarding the Chimpster’s speech before the FBI today.

The speech at Quantico was scheduled prior to the London bombings, and will cover the war on terror.

Of course we could have guessed the speech was schedule, and written, before the London bombings but you have to wonder why this bit was left in.

You are stopping them before they can strike our country and kill our citizens.