Plame Game

From Holden:

So, Karl Rove outted Valerie Plame in a phone call to Matt Cooper on July 11, 2003. As I recall Chimpy was touring Africa at the time, I imagine Rove was with him. July 11, 2003 was the day Condi Rice blamed the CIA for the inclusion of the “16 words” about African uranium in the president’s State of the Union address. This despite the fact that both her assistant (current National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley) and Rice herself had been the recipients of CIA memos warning that the African uranium claim was false.

Telephone records from the Africa trip, along with a transcript of the press briefing cited above, were subpeonaed by the Special Prosecutor. One wonders if a record of the call from Rove to Cooper was among the logs given to the grand jury. If not, then we may be looking at Obstruction of Justice charges against our current Attorney General.

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