Chimpy Disease

From Holden:

Uh-oh, looks like Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari caught a bad case.

Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari yesterday told his violence-weary nation to brace for even larger attacks as insurgents exact revenge on the government for its “success” in rebuilding the country.


Speaking in parliament, Jaafari said the recent kidnapping and killing of Egypt’s top envoy to Baghdad by alleged Al Qaeda militants was a direct response to the success of the Brussels donors conference for Iraq’s reconstruction held on June 22. “The killing of the late Ihab Al Sharif was nothing but an expression of the success of the political process,” Jaafari said.

“So we must prepare ourselves that every time we make progress in the process and every time we make big achievements the reaction will be big. This operation (Sharif’s killing) aims to undermine the major political progress we achieved in a short time.”