Department of Good For Him

Via Adventus, we discover a Catholic prelate who is actually more concerned with the substantive issues of the day than with who is putting what in which orifice:

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, an organization working to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, announced this week that it would send observers to watch day laborers in Houston beginning in October. Previous plans called for placing patrols only along the Mexican border.

But Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza said the Minutemen would not be welcome in Houston.

“We stand against any attempts of outsiders to come into Houston to abuse and intimidate our immigrant communities,” Fiorenza said in a statement issued Friday.

Clearly Fiorenza knows where his bread’s buttered. Immigrants are the lifeblood of the American Catholic Church, always have been. So you could put this down to pure selfishness, I suppose. But at a time when the Pope is ignoring millions who live with poverty and disease to focus on a few hundred loving couples in Spain making a lifelong committment to the very monogamy the church purports to enshrine, well, it’s just nice to see anybody pull his head out of his ass and speak up about something that matters.