Daily Show

I’m paraphrasing Michael Isikoff here; try to catch the replay if you can:

“Joe Wilson only had one wife. It was kind of a giveaway.”

Stuck in horrifying traffic this afternoon I heard David Brooks whinging on about how “Joe Wilson said Cheney sent him on the trip and Karl Rove was doing the nation a service by sayng Wilson’s wife sent him instead cuz she worked at the CIA and somebody stole my Froot Loops and Moooooom, EJ Dionne is way sexier than me it’s not faaaaaaiiiiirrrr …” and it was just embarrassing. I mean it. I honestly felt bad for him, trying to sound all reasonable and sensible and just like a dad from the suburbs, and just coming off like a total puss.

Karl Rove outed a CIA agent during a time of war. Whether he did so by disclosing her social security number or by pointing out her desk on a map of the CIA’s cube farm, the fact remains that he gave Matt Cooper information that damaged our national security, and he did it all just so that he could make a political enemy look bad. And that is all that matters.

Let’s not get caught up in parsing here. These people have from day one put national security at the back of the line, behind making their friends happy and keeping their enemies docile and scared. This is a perfect illustration of what we’ve known all along: they’re liars, and on no occasion do their lies come easier than when those lies crush our security in the name of retribution.

And nothing amuses me quite as much as listening to people talk about Bush’s loyalty to Rove, as evidence that Bush is a really good, loyal guy who backs his people. Who was he backing when he and Rove hung Scott McClellan out to dry? I’m not defending Scottie, he should have known when he took a paycheck from this bunch exactly how fast they’d backstab him when it suited their purposes, but watching the press briefings, watching the sharks tear off huge chunks of McClellan’s flesh and devour it because he lied to the press and he did so either because he was told to or because he wasn’t told anything, well, it’s kind of hard to see the vaunted Bush loyalty in action. If Bush really was loyal to his people he wouldn’t let McClellan’s career be immolated the way it is every day they leave Scottie up there for the fish to feed on.

The entire affair is digusting and they’re trying to spin it harder than I’ve ever seen them try to spin anything. Because this is real and it’s not going away, not if the determined look on Isikoff’s face tonight was any indication. Let’s not get caught up in semantics. They lied, these people who went on and on about lying and its consequences. They lied about a breach of national security. They should pay the price.