What A Bunch of Titty-babies

From Holden:

Somebody pass the Protest Warriors some cheese to go along with their whine.

[T]his month, an Austin-based group called ProtestWarrior, which crashes anti-war demonstrations and produced a video that attacks Middle Eastern “Islamo-fascists,” informed its members that their credit card information might have been compromised after a Chicago-based hacker cracked the site’s code; ProtestWarrior claims that the hacker had intended to give donations to the American Civil Liberties Union, among other organizations.

The FBI is investigating, but no charges have been filed.

Last year, a group of hackers associated with the Black Hat Hacker’s Bloc wormed its way into conservative political and news Web sites, grabbed credit card information and donated $2,400 to groups that included the Sierra Club and the Animal Protection Institute, according to the National Journal’s Technology Daily.


A newsletter item posted July 5 on ProtestWarrior.com claims that Chicago-based hacker Jeremy Hammond and the Internet Liberation Front penetrated the Web site and stole credit card information. In February, ProtestWarrior administrators discovered the breach and reported it to the FBI. Kfir Alfia, a co-founder of ProtestWarrior, said 5,007 members had their information compromised.

According to the newsletter item, the ProtestWarrior administrators did not inform members until July because “our customers were already protected and we didn’t want to jeopardize the ongoing FBI investigation of Jeremy and his ‘hacktivist’ army.”


According to the Web site, Hammond is a founder of HackThisSite.org, which teaches network security skills through hacking challenges. (An FBI spokeswoman confirmed the search warrant but would not comment on an ongoing federal investigation.)

“The charges (the ProtestWarriors) are alleging are incredibly overblown,” Hammond, 20, said from Chicago. “They want to paint us as criminals and cyberterrorists. No one’s personal information was compromised or billed.

“We’re not out to screw people individually,” he added. “There’s an important difference between malicious and criminal hacking and people who hack for social justice.”

Hammond said ProtestWarrior was behind the hacks of left-leaning Web sites last year and “had made themselves a very big target.” Those hacks were committed by a man who is no longer a ProtestWarrior, Alfia said.

Bonus: Koufax Award-winning blogger Gen. JC Christian made my local paper.

The group has also been infiltrated by imposters. Responding to an e-mail soliciting new operations for the Spokane, Wash., area ProtestWarrior chapter, a satiric blogger known as Gen. JC Christian [, Patriot] wrote, “When I look at our membership, I see a lot of able-bodied men and women of military age. I say we hold a rally at the recruiting station. Then, after a few speeches, we all go in and sign up. Heck, we can always fight the liberals later. It’s time to take the Protest Warrior flag to Iraq.”

After the chapter’s administrator discovered the general’s own blog, in which he pokes fun at the president’s policies with such characters as “Republican Jesus,” he was excommunicated.