Wilson on Today

From Holden:

A couple of snippets.

Jamie Gangel: It’s now public that President Bush’s top advisor, Karl Rove, did talk to at least one reporter about your wife. But Rove insists he never used her name and that he did not know that she was undercover. That he did not knowingly give her up.

Wilson: My wife’s name is Wilson. It is Mrs. Joseph Wilson. It is Valerie Wilson. And he named her. He identified her. So that argument I don’t believe stands the test of — stands the smell test.

Gangel: He says he also did not know that she was an undercover operative.

Wilson: I have no way of knowing. I’ve never spoken to Karl Rove. What I do know is that — Mr. Rove was talking to the press. And he was saying things like my wife is fair game. That is an outrage. It is abuse of power.


Gangel: Bottom line. What do you think the White House should do now?

Wilson: Well, I think the president should call in his senior advisors and say enough is enough. I want you to step forward and cooperate.

Gangel: Do you think even though what Karl Rove did may not have broken a law, do you think from what you know he should be fired?

Wilson: Absolutely. Absolutely. The president said in— in the middle of 2004 he would fire anybody who was caught leaking in this matter. Karl Rove has now been caught. The president has said repeatedly, I am a man of my word. The president really should stand up and prove to the American people that his word is his bond and fire Karl Rove.

Nobody is buying the GOP’s attempts to redirect the blame towards Joe Wilson, all they’re talking points do is help Wilson sell more books.

What Rove’s defenders, the White House, and Rove himself do not yet realize is this drama will unfold in a court of law, not on Fox News.