Your President Speaks – Not Really

From Holden:

Mums the word on Unka Karl today.

Q Thank you, Mr. President. In light of the concerns that the CIA leak investigation is distracting from your agenda, has Mr. Rove or any of your aids offered their resignation? And what, short of a crime, constitutes a firing offense?

PRESIDENT BUSH: You know, I appreciate you bringing that up. My answer really hasn’t changed — (laughter) — from 24 hours ago. It’s the same answer. Now, I’ll be glad to answer another question if you’ve got one. I — I mean, I’ll be glad to repeat what I said yesterday, which is, there’s an ongoing investigation and people shouldn’t jump to conclusions in the press until the investigation is over. And once the investigation is over, I’ll deal with it.

Have you got another question? I don’t want to shortchange you on a —

Q I do, actually. (Laughter.) What do you think of Edith Clement?