Your President Speaks

From Holden:

Your president visited the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas, today where apparently he spoke to Alec Baldwin.

And I appreciate your leadership of ALEC. Good leaders make good decisions — you made a good decision bringing this convention to Texas.

I country ’tis of the…

And so, thanks for having me, thanks for serving, and thanks for the invitation. Laura sends her best. She is the — (applause.) She’s down there in Crawford, and she is — I got to tell you, I country — she’s a great First Lady, is what she is, and a great wife. (Applause.)

Stand on the faithful.

ALEC understands that the best way to bring hope into the dark corners of our country, the best way to bring optimism into people’s lives is to stand squarely on — side-by-side with faith-based organizations and community-based organizations whose members have heard that call to love a neighbor just like you’d like to love — be loved yourself.

Rationality speaks.

It seems rational to me that says there ought to be a way to let somebody come and do jobs Americans won’t do, on a temporary basis.

Saddam done it.

We’re at war with an enemy that attacked us on September the 11th, 2001.

Scrutiny You, Part I.

The Patriot Act, in essence, gave our terror fighters the same tools that our government has given our drug fighters. The Patriot Act enables us to more effectively defend the homeland, and it does not usurp your rights under the Constitution. Every tool we use has got the scrutiny within the guidelines of the Constitution.

Scrutiny You, Part II.

You know, if there had been that much scrutiny when we were writing our Constitution as has been given to their — scrutiny when they’re writing their constitution, a lot of people would have said it’s never going to get written.

Looks like he’s having a JimmyJeff flashback to me.

AP Photo/Donna McWilliam