I Don’t Get It

From Holden:

A curious answer from the Chimpster to a question during yesterday’s Q and A with Colombian President Uribe.

Q Also the question is for President Bush. Did you talk about the necessity and the importance of the creation of international community that can verify the application of the justice and peace law, and also its implementation?

PRESIDENT BUSH: We did talk about human rights. I talked about human rights. The Secretary of State Arrow — (laughter) — talked about human rights. The President assured us — a couple of points that are important to understand — one, that there is an independent judiciary, in other words, independent from government, that will adjudicate these disputes; secondly, that there is a new prosecutor reporting to the independent judiciary that will follow through on the cases; and, thirdly, that he is committed to seeing to it as best as possible that progress be made on these cases.

Does Condi have a new nickname?