With All That You Have

I had a teacher once who used to deride what he called “bumper sticker politics.” He thought the whole concept of dumbing down a complex issue into three words to smack on your car was really, really stupid. He used to use as an example the “abortion stops a beating heart” sticker.

“So does swatting a mosquito,” he’d say.

“Look,” he’d then say, “think about it. It’s true. There are articulate and passionate arguments to be made about this issue. But they’re taking it to the level of opposing it because a heart stops. If they want to take it to that level, I’ll take the counter-argument to that level.”

Which is to say, I think it sucks that Michelle is having nasty things said about her on the Internet.

This sucks, too.

In a perfect world, Sheehan and all her fellow ideologues would all be at ground zero when the first Iranian terror nuke hits.

So does this:

Fuck you, you deranged lunatic!

Just another “You Killed My Son” professional whiner. They make a career out of using their kids coffins as podiums.

I’m sorry she lost her son. I’m also sorry she lost her mind.

Dead soldier’s mother or not, this woman is a filthy, traitorous pig. I’d spit on her if I ever met her in person.

I mean, if you’re going to take it to that level, let’s take it to that level. If that’s where Michelle wants to have the argument, I’m all for it. Let’s bat back and forth the worst possible vile disgusting things ever said on right-wing hate sites. Let’s have a little contest, because determining who’s worst here is really what it’s all about for them. It’s never about them being decent, it’s about them proving they don’t suck quite as hard as the person next to them. Schmucks.