Happy Sci-Fi Friday Photo

Don’t frack with Starbuck.

Is everybody else simultaneously creeped out by, and loving, crazy new Roslin? She’s going into scripture the way Tigh’s going into the bottle, and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel about it, and I love that I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel about it.

Witness this, from Ronald Moore’s blog:

It’s up to you to decide who you like and who you don’t. Personally, I like all of them. I like their flaws and I like their virtues, and for me, it’s not a matter of finding redemption for anyone as much as it is a matter of allowing each character to be true to who and what they are and finding the most emotionally truthful storyline for them each week.

Sure, Tigh’s made bad decisions and he’ll likely make more, but isn’t it interesting how all the good he did last season, all the good decisions he made, are suddenly overshadowed by the few bad choices he made this season? Tigh saved the entire ship during the miniseries, held the crew together through the nightmare of “33”, located the lost fleet in “Scattered” and knew how to defeat the Centurion boarding party in “Valley of Darkness,” but now that he’s made a few bad calls (and some were really bad) he’s called a worthless loser. What does that say about the nature of heroism? Does it mean that bestowing the title of Hero is less about discerning the intrinsic nature of a man than it is simply another example of the old game of “Yeah, but what have you done for me lately?” We love you today, but if you screw up tomorrow, you’re history. Maybe that’s only fair. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to work. Maybe. Again, it’s up to you to decide, you’re the audience. Me, I love Tigh and Starbuck and all of’em. Warts and all.

Man makes me wish I could write sci-fi.