That War for Oil Just Ain’t Workin’ Out

From Holden:

The latest AP Poll of public sentiments about gas prices carries bad news for both the Chimp and the oil industry.

1. Do you think George W. Bush is or is not handling the nation’s energy problems effectively?

–Is 32 percent (31)

–Is not 59 percent (62)

–Not sure 9 percent (7)

2. Over the next six months, do you expect that increases in the price of gasoline will cause financial hardship for you or your family, or not? If YES: Do you expect that will be a serious hardship, or not serious?

–Will cause financial hardship, 64 percent (51)

—-Serious hardship, 37 percent (30)

—-Not serious, 26 percent (20)

—-Not sure how serious, 1 percent (1)

–No, will not cause financial hardship, 35 percent (48)

–Not sure, 1 percent (1)

3. Which ONE of the following would you say deserves the most blame for higher energy prices?

–Oil companies that want to make too much profit, 30 percent (29)

–Foreign countries that dominate oil reserves, 22 percent (24)

–Politicians, 21 percent (23)

–Environmentalists, 9 percent (8)

–People who drive gas-guzzling vehicles, 7 percent (6)

–Other (Volunteered), 3 percent (1)

–No one is to blame/not a problem (Volunteered), 1 percent (1)

–All equally (Volunteered), 5 percent (6)

–Not sure, 2 percent (2)