‘Cindy Sheehan Is A Glory Hound’

Okay. This is sort of what it’s like. Cindy Sheehan wanted her son to die so that she could stand outside Bush’s ranch in the scorching heat and be interviewed. A lot.

So it seems in Joseph Swank’s world.

Come on, Sheehan, do you really think that we realists are new to all this war kind of thing? Does your staging make it a first for speaking up regarding blood letting in order to cement the peace, establish a democracy, and protect our own shores by fighting the enemy elsewhere?

All this crooked straw-hat business on Sheehan’s dome really irks me. That’s just the liberal image we sane people have had to put up with for generations. Sheehan surely is the poster girl for the arch-liberal look if I ever saw one. And her monologue matches up perfectly. Empty heads. Cliches. Rants without reason. It’s an old package, Sheehan, so pack your bags and go home.

As for the armed services personnel presently stationed around the globe on behalf of liberties personal, Sheehan is their enemy. She is not their friend. These liberals go on and on about peace and loving country while all the while their rhetoric belies their motives.

They are in this speech making for themselves. It’s sheer show-off time in day care center mode. And all in the name of “peace” and “love” and “patriotism.”

It’s enough to make you want to throw a pitcher of cold water right over Sheehan’s hot head in Texas.

Hat tip to richardjames over at EschaCrack’s latest open thread.

By the way, Mr. Swank’s e-mail is joseph_swank@yahoo.com. I think he needs to hear from some people, and by some people, I mean us.

Here’s my letter:

Dear Mr. Swank,

In your most recent column, you refer to “realists” to whom war is nothing new.

I’m curious exactly what branch of the service you belonged to, and what war you fought in. Please be specific. I’d like to know more about how your own military experience informs your opinion of Cindy Sheehan.