The Conversation Everybody’s Having Over There

This is going to ramble a bit, but bear with me. Digby pointed this out a few days back:

Although I’m pretty sure that Cindy Sheehan hasn’t been guided or exploited by anyone in her quest. “The left,” if you’re talking about organizations, can’t get it up to do anything that effective. Believe me, the Democrats would have peed their pants at the idea of sending a woman to Crawford to demand to see the president. It’s so awfully unseemly you know. Someone might get upset. Besides it isn’t manly and we want ever so much to be super-duper manly.

In fact, last year at this time, if you’ll recall, Max Cleland went down to Crawford and wheeled his chair right up to the gate. The Democrats got all nervous that it was too … undignified. Max was getting a little bit shrill, you see, and looked like he might be getting ready to force the secret service to push him off the property in his wheelchair. How indelicate.

No, this was a grassroots move started by one individual who felt strongly enough to put herself on the line. No leftwing group could have ever orchestrated anything this successful.

And re-reading it made me see why the only people with whom Americans are more frustrated than Bush are the Democrats.

All over this country people have decided they’re done with this war. We got rid of Saddam, there weren’t any weapons so that sucks, but in any case, we’re done with this, it goes in here, bring the troops home and let’s stop this getting them blown up business. All over the country people have decided this president and his war aren’t what they wanted after all.

So we look at those numbers and we say, okay, so why aren’t you over here on our side of the fence?

Here’s why:

The problem with Joe Biden is that he is currently taken very seriously on the issue Iraq, despite the fact that the only strategy he has to offer is just another version of the Tinkerbell Gambit – instead of “clap louder” it’s “pray louder!” We hear quite often that genuine critics of the war in Iraq don’t have a plan, but people like Biden, who are critics of the details but still defend the overall rightness of the endeavor, aren’t held to this standard. Biden has no plan other than “put your faith in George Bush,” the guy who messed it up in the first place.

And that’s it, really. There’s really only one group of people that hasn’t realized the war is done with and the American people are done with the war. (The Republicans know it, otherwise they wouldn’t be fighting Cindy Sheehan the way they are.) And that’s Joe Biden and his ilk, the “national security Democrats” and the spineless panderers who advise them. They don’t force the question on the pundit class. They don’t make the argument that needs to be made, which is, once and for the everloving sake of God for all, why did we go to Iraq in the first place, and why must we stay there now?

That’s why people who’ve left Bush’s side aren’t on ours yet. Because they don’t see us as being on their side in this. They saw the Democrats who fiddled while Baghdad burned, who refuse to speak up for the nagging suspicion in the backs of their heads that something just isn’t right here. They see a national party that asks its own LEADER to stop criticizing the opposition. A national party whose own national figures refuse to lead the people even when the people are going in that direction ANYWAY. Look at the poll numbers, Joe. Look at the responses, look at the people sending Cindy Sheehan support and flocking to her side. Look at the way one woman is forcing a conversation you don’t want to have, and try to at least act embarrassed about how useless you are on this issue.

A few days ago Frank Rich asked someone to please tell the President the war is over. Myself, I wish somebody’d tell the Democrats.