They Say It Can’t Be Done

From Holden:

For the past couple of years I’ve been eagerly anticipating the day when Chimpy’s job approval rating falls below 40% only to be serially disappointed by the ignorance of the American public.

Nick at the Progressive Blog Digest points me to Chris Bowers, who after also waiting for the sub-40 slip has concluded that it will never happen.

Bush cannot fall any further unless Republicans and Republican-leaning independents start to abandon him.


Jerome first reported on this back in June. Even with only 26% Independent approval, and 18% Democratic approval, Bush still came in at 42% approval nationwide.

I don’t doubt what he says is correct. However, I think Republicans and Republican-leaning independents will grandually let go of their devotion to Dear Leader.

Just today I had yet another long-time Bush supporter tell me she did not like him anymore. This is someone who just one month ago said she “still likes Bush”. Cindy Sheehan is having an effect.