Happy Belated Birthday To, Well, Us

According to the archives that our inaugural hacker partially wiped out, best as I can tell, First Draft As Group Blog (rather than as crappy essay site as I had originally planned) turned one year old a couple of weeks ago while Holden and I were bickering and Tena was threatening to turn the whole site around and take us right back home.

In other words, our last week was a lot like our first.

I can’t speak for everybody else, but this year’s been pretty amazing, and it’s all because so many of you came around, hung out, put up with our peeves and foibles, contributed to the discussion, and made this a fun place to be. Hopefully we’ve made it worth your while to be here, hopefully you get something out of it or you wouldn’t be coming back, at least 3,000 of you, give or take, every day. A nice backyard party with some beer and brats (and scotch and ferrets), that’s how I think of this blog, er, online opinion journal, these days.

In the coming weeks, we’ll have stories that will shift the tectonic plates of … oh, who am I kidding. We’ll have sexy pictures of Democrats, lots of press gaggles, ferretblogging, Action Alerts and probably me getting pissed off at Will Marshall again. As well as some news about my book (fingers crossed).

In the meantime, for those of you who want a trip down memory lane, here’s Holden’s first post on the site. Enjoy.