Saturday Open Thread/Question

Oliver, who I wish would be my blog boyfriend, has forums.

The reason I bring this up, other than fangirling Oliver, is my curiousity about something: First Draft has the capability of having forums as well, and journals, which function like Kos diaries. Would you like them? Would more of you come here more often, if we did something like that? Or are you basically here for what we put out on the doorstep, and the comments are participation enough?

I’ll be honest: I haven’t turned these options on in the past first because we didn’t have enough users to make them really useful (unless the three of you really wanted to talk with one another and couldn’t, I dunno, IM or something) and later because I wasn’t sure how much time I wanted to spend riding herd on features like that. With the stories and comments it’s fairly easy to go in and delete somebody being a nasty little fuckwit (and I will). If we add more features, it’s more to police and thus less time for me to post.

But if that’s something the readership here would really like, I could do some work on figuring out how it would be done. What do you all think?


ps. Oh, and before anyone can bring it up, we’re working on the Firefox problem. The reason it hasn’t been fixed yet is I can’t always get it to kick in for me. So I’m essentially trying to de-bug a bug that I can’t detect. But we are working on it. Have faith.