John Bolton Lives Down To Expectaions

From Holden:

Looks like our new ambassador to the UN has thrown a monkey wrench into the UN reform process at the last minute.

The United States has launched a last-minute drive to scrap much of a draft plan for comprehensive U.N. reform just weeks before it is to be adopted at a world summit, Western diplomats said on Wednesday.

One option put forward by Washington would be to return to square one and launch line-by-line negotiations on the document, the diplomats said, insisting on anonymity so as not to anger Washington.


The U.S. effort comes in the final stages of the drafting process, with negotiators last Friday unveiling what they hoped would be a near-final draft. Negotiations resume on Monday.

It also falls two weeks after the arrival at U.N. headquarters of U.S. Ambassador John Bolton, President George W. Bush’s contentious choice to press for U.N. reform despite his inability to win U.S. Senate approval for the post.


Diplomats involved in the drafting process said they feared such an extensive rewrite at this point would reopen many contentious issues thought to be settled, and could end up sinking the document altogether.

“The U.S. objections are not unexpected, but it is very late in the process,” said a diplomat close to the drafting process, who also asked not to be identified by name.


[T]he section of the document on development and poverty was the top target of the U.S. revisions, a tactic certain to anger developing nations, which make up the overwhelming majority of the U.N. membership, the diplomats said.