I have an idea, based on the fact that Bush is now only 36 percent preznit. And that idea is that in 2008, regardless of the Dem candidate or his or her opponent, he or she should spend some quality time with these questions on hand in every single debate opportunity until they’re answered.

Hit ’em hard, and if they get up, hit ’em again.

Look, we can come up with all the positions we want and all the messages we want. But there’s only one thing the Beltway pundit class respects, and that’s an attack. An attack that’s down and dirty, impolite, uncivilized, visceral, that will give voice to the anger so many people feel about this war and this third of a president. You want to get people on our side, since they’ve left Bush’s? You ask Bush’s party the questions jabbausaf wants asked. Because I think a lot more people than just us, a lot more, would like to hear the answers.