Christ On A Popsicle Stick

Are they smoking the good crack over at the Chicago Tribune?

Now Card is chief of staff for a president who is personally taking the reins of relief after Hurricane Katrina’s assault on the Gulf Coast.

And President Bush, mindful of the lesson of his father’s delayed and frayed federal response to a natural disaster, is unlikely to repeat the mistake, particularly with Card there to reinforce the message.

“I think all of them are rising to the occasion, starting with the president,” said Joe Allbaugh, Bush’s first director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and now a consultant. “He understands that one of the principal roles [of a governor and president] is to become that hands-on CEO at a time of disaster.”

Hands on? HANDS ON? From 40,000 feet? After three days of vacationy fun? He peered out the window and talked for five minutes (a speech which, by the way, everybody else has diagnosed as suffering from record levels of suck) now he’s taking a HANDS ON approach? Please. At this point I’d commit murder to have his father as president.

And then, two pages away in the paper, there’s this.

WASHINGTON — Despite continuous warnings that a catastrophic hurricane could hit New Orleans, the Bush administration and Congress in recent years have repeatedly denied full funding for hurricane preparation and flood control.

That has delayed construction of levees around the city and stymied an ambitious project to improve drainage in New Orleans’ neighborhoods.

So tell me again how well Chimpy McFuckstick is handling a disaster his administration could have had some part in mitigating. It’s not some great profile in courage to endure with grace the hole you just shot in your own fucking foot.