Get It In Gear

From Holden:

From yesterday’s gaggle:

Q Are you planning an emergency supplemental to help pay for this? Is that something that you guys are right now crafting?

MR. McCLELLAN: Oh, I think that they’re — I know that there is discussion that is ongoing on that. And, certainly, I would expect a supplemental is something that is going to be needed in a situation like this.

Ya’ think? Action is needed now, forget the “ongoing discussion”, save it for later when the entire country can have an “ongoing discussion” of how the Republicans have run this country into the ditch, out of the ditch and into the woods beyond.

As a side note, a contact of mine in state government here in Austin told me the Texas Education Agency is bracing for an additional 20,000 student-refugees from Louisiana. This in a state with a Republican legislature that could not manage to find a way to fund the minimum needs of our public schools during one regular session and two special sessions called to deal with the problem.

Bush should call congress back early while freeing up whatever emergency funds we have that have not been shipped to Baghdad and passed out in gunny sacks.