Hell of a Democrat Photo

I know there’s been a lot of Wes love here lately, but seriously, he’s behaving exactly like the principled opposition should right now.

From my days in the Little Rock Boys and Girls Club and all through my years at West Point and the Army, I learned and taught that leadership means lifting people up; challenging them to push themselves to succeed where they before thought success was out of reach. �That philosophy was captured well by our Army motto, “Be All You Can Be,” which also means helping others to be all they can be. �What we need to do as individuals and a party is to stand up and speak out to create equal opportunity for economic success. �To treat others the way we want to be treated. �To reach out and help those who are in pain. �Most importantly, leadership means calling on others to do all these things too.

In short leadership is everything we are not getting from this White House. �Instead of challenging us to push ourselves to accomplish great things, we get platitudes. �We can do better than that.

Via kos.