Hell Yeah

They listen.

Now package it up, give it a pretty name, and make sure everybody knows about it.

Question Republicans as to why it’s not getting done.

Make sure every available resource we have, from physical assets and people on the ground to communications offensives, is brought to bear on making this happen.

Rebuild the South. Do not back down.




Update: Okay, to be more clear, here’s why it’s important we be the ones calling for action:The current bunch of idiots, malcontents, nepotism hires and court jesters in charge can’t rebuild anything. If it’s going to get done right, it’s going to have to be done by somebody else. That somebody else should be us. We should establish that, and establish it hard and fast.

The point is that, unlike after Sept. 11, when we waited to see what the president did and then reacted to it, we drive the conversation.

We propose the ideas. We put a plan out there. We call for action on items specific and general, and then THEY answer OUR demands.

We turn the tables, we make the policy, and we put ourselves in charge. Jezebel this weekend noted that the Republicans are very good at driving the debate. They control the conversation.

We take that away from them because they are clearly, clearly incompetent to handle it. We start with a campaign now, we continue with a Congressional majority after the 2006 elections, and we never let up. We make this country better with a vision and a cause and a dream for the future, instead of continuing to destroy it with delays, with fear, contracts to cronies, worry, corruption, worthless photo ops and inaction.

We start the fight, and then we finish it.