Hell Yeah II

The Left Coaster chimes in.

And courtesy of commenter TheOtherWA, somebody else is thinking about Roosevelt, too:

CHICAGO (AP) – The C-E-O of the global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas says the government should launch a public works program to deal with the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

John Challenger says a program similar to the Work Projects Administration created by President Roosevelt during the Depression would give hope to the unemployed through jobs.

The W-P-A put thousands of Americans to work building schools, bridges, roads and other infrastructure. Challenger says the thousands of jobless and homeless in the Southeast could be employed to rebuild their cities under a similar program.

Challenger says if anything good can be said about Hurricane Katrina, it’s that the rebuilding effort will create thousands and thousands of jobs.

See, it’s not just about the work, and it’s not just about the politics. It’s about what politics is supposed to do, which is to provide a mechanism for us to come together and work toward the common good. It’s about using politics, government, to accomplish exactly what needs accomplishing, because the federal government is there for exactly this.

The New Deal did that. Proposing something similar fits seamlessly with what the Democratic Party represents. It reminds people of why they liked us in the first place: because at a time when the rest of the world was being consumed by a jackbooted monster who screamed by torchlight about the master race, we had a brave man who told us to believe in one another, help one another up, to have courage, to have compassion, to have hope.

And I’m tired of being told it won’t work. We’ve been trying everything but optimism, everything but courage, everything but exactly what used to work for us for the last five years, and where’s it gotten us? Right here.

And right here sucks. So pardon me if I’d rather encourage new thinking and new conversations and new actions, than another two years of the same old, namby-pamby, omigodwe’resofuckedbbq horseshit, after which we lose, and then bitch about it some more. Let’s quit talking about what we can’t do and start talking about what we can.

You hear me, Dems? Harry? Howard? You hear me, Nancy? Be the leaders you wanted to be when you grew up. Do the good you’ve always wanted to do. Fuck the consultancy classes, fuck the polling and the focus-grouping. Let’s go.