Meanwhile, in America’s 51st State…

From Holden:

Chimpy’s gun is just twelve notches shy of two-thousand. Let’s see — 2,000 dead American soldiers in an illegal war, New Orleans left to drown, pending Plame indictments…. not a good month to be the Chimpster.

You go to the voters wiht the consitution you have, not the consitution you would like that would ensure religious freedom, the rights of women, and the establishment of democracy.

Iraq’s parliament has ended talks on a new constitution without agreeing changes to the final wording and the draft will be printed in its present form, a senior member of the drafting committee said on Tuesday.

And in the Iraq Has Made Us Safer Department, let’s listen to Kofi Annan:

“One used to be worried about Afghanistan being the center of terrorist activities. My sense is that Iraq has become a major problem and in fact is worse than Afghanistan.”