�* We are briefing Democratic elected officials on the program and asking that they treat this as the front-line network of volunteers who are ready and waiting to provide shelter in their jurisdiction.

�* We have asked outside organizations to direct their members to to volunteer; those organizations with representatives on the ground have been asked to help victims connect with the housing bank.

�* We have directed the staff at Democratic Headquarters in Washington to use local volunteers signed up on as they work with DC emergency response officials to assist hundreds of survivors being transported to the DC Armory, which is located nearby.

In addition to mobilizing our infrastructure to support the housing drive, we have also taken the following steps in the last week:

�* All DNC fundraising events have been cancelled until further notice and donations are being directed to relief organizations.

�* The DNC Fall Meeting that had been scheduled to take place this week has been postponed.

�* All staff have been given leave to participate in relief operations (many are completing Red Cross training this week and will deploy shortly).

�* The Democratic leadership in Congress has proposed a comprehensive policy package to ensure that victims receive health care, financial assistance and educational and employment opportunities during the crisis (go to for more).

But more than anything our organization has done, the thousands of acts of compassion by ordinary citizens and a renewed sense of common purpose will be the legacy of this effort.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.