We Hate Him, We Really Hate Him

From Holden:

Chimpy’s 58% disapproval rating in the new CBS poll (59% in Zogby, below) is among the worst for any modern president.

Bill Clinton’s highest disapproval rating was 54% in September 1994.

In January 1983, 56% of Americans said they disapproved of Ronald Reagan.

Many of the polls conducted in 1979 and 1980 found majority disapproval of Jimmy Carter’s performance. His highest disapproval was 59% in June and July 1979.

In the summer of his re-election bid, 60% of Americans told Gallup they disapproved of the way George H.W. Bush was handling the presidency.

Harry Truman scored the highest disapproval rating in Gallup’s history — 67% — in January 1952.