By Your Command: Galactica Saturday Thread

As usual, spoilers for last night’s ep past the cut. Don’t read on if you don’t want to know.

Let’s get the drool out of the way first: Lucy. Lawless. Never did much for me as Xena. Didn’t dig the bangs. Didn’t understand the show. Didn’t care that much. But blonde? With that accent? Hello, nurse.

I don’t find Jamie Bamber attractive. Reminds me too much of a college friend who’s like my little brother. But the man has a nice body, and I will never object to however much Naked Pilot Action they want to put in any of the episodes to come. Just saying.

But most of all, in this episode we had Starbuck. Workout!Starbuck. Calmly!Talking!Kat!Down!Starbuck. Working!Well!With!Others!Starbuck. Sexy!Mostly!Unclothed!Starbuck. God, that woman should be an illegal substance.

Something that bothered me about this episode: It plays into one of my least favorite fiction conceits about my former occupation: a reporter is a reporter is a reporter. Look, Hard Copy and the New York Times and PBS and Weekly World News all have reporters, can we please get together on the idea that they may perform fundamentally different jobs and have (most of the time) different standards of reporting? Please? I get so sick of seeing only one kind of “reporter” on TV shows I otherwise love: Babylon 5 did a similar episode and it made me crazy. Somebody as smart as Ronald Moore should know better.

Something I do love, though: the way Dualla is emerging as the conscience of Galactica, the stabilizing force for all of them. If they make her a Cylon, I’m going to be heartbroken, because I adore her. “Does it get any easier?” “No, ma’am. It gets harder.”

Adama’s still not up to speed. I was waiting for him to ask the reporter for the REAL tape. C’mon. He’s a devious old bastard, and he seemed to recognize some of the same qualities in her, wouldn’t you think … Then again, maybe some things really are tricks only of the trade.

The thing I did like about it, though, was that it really did bring out a truth to storytelling: You have to have access to tell the story. And though sometimes that means you’ll get footage of Kat losing it, or Starbuck and Apollo bickering, you’ll also get moments of beauty and bravery you’d otherwise never see. You have to be willing to trust your people, that the picture they’ll end up presenting will be a fine one in the end, no matter what.