Sick, Digusting, Ghoulish Bastards

In BareKnuckled Fighting Dem World, here’s eleven congressional seats we’d pick up in the next several election cycles.

These eleven congressmen, Republican conservatives all, just voted against the $51 billion package ( H. R. 3673) for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Horrible human beings, all.

Rep. Joe Barton – TX

Jeff Flake – AZ

Virginia Foxx – NC

Scott Garrett – NJ

John Hostettler – IN

Steve King – IA

Butch Otter – ID

Ron Paul – TX

James Sensenbrenner – WI

Tom Tancredo – CO

Lynn Westmoreland – GA

I need to be able to show him I can paint him against something. Children, baseball, campaign finance.

— The West Wing

These people are so monstrous they might as well be against God himself. And if we had two functioning parties, that’s exactly what they’d be afraid of being painted as. They’d be afraid of the following ads:

Joe Barton starves children. Jeff Flake kills grandmothers in their hospital beds. Virgina Foxx, God bless her stripper name, is in favor of denying water to nursing mothers on their third day without fluids.

Scott Garrett likes to let alligators feast on the corpses of the deceased as they lie in the sun and bloat until they’re unrecognizable. John Hostettler thinks it’s just fine to let a body decompose into the lawn chair in which its owner settled, confident that at any minute now, rescue would come. Steve King would be ruler of waterlogged New Orleans, and is in favor of letting journalists be the only ones on the scene to assist devastated middle-class women in small towns dig through the wreckage of their houses looking for wedding photos.

Butch Otter (speaking of strippers) gives a big middle finger to the disabled who dragged themselves on their rooftops and spraypainted “Please Help – Water Rising” on what used to be off-ramps.

Ron Paul doesn’t think the poor should be fed.

James Sensebrenner, who is displaying all of the signs of a man desperate to get into hell on a special express train, would rather not house the homeless, if it’s all the same to you.

Tom Tancredo and Lynn Westmoreland want dogs and rats to fight in the street over the tenderest parts of your family members’ bodies.

Those are exactly the ads we’d see. We’d fade in on a quote from the Bible: What you do to the least of them, you do to me.

We’d pan out over footage of New Orleans, trapped people waving to television cameras, children in their mothers’ laps in the Superdome and later in the Astrodome. We’d hold on a shot of the signs all over the city: Help. Please.

Audio of the roll call. Tom Tancredo: No. James Sensenbrenner: No. Ron Paul: No. Scott Garrett: No. No and no and no and no, eleven times.

And a question: Is this the compassion of conservatives? Is this the greatest nation on earth?

Music now. Al Gore rounding up a planeload of supplies and survivors and waving off the TV cameras. (Al Gore 2008 people, I’m starting to see where you come from.) People getting food and water, children going to school. People moving into housing provided by

Messages/video: Rebuilding the South/Jimmy Carter at a Habitat site. Renewing America/Bill Clinton raising funds and speaking. Close: A message: We The People. Democrats in 2006.

We should hang this despicable vote around their necks and let it rot until no one can stand the stench anymore. Because that’s exactly how they felt about the South. That’s exactly how much of a damn they gave about their country. They voted to let the bodies rot, to let the starving die of hunger, to let a city sink into the sea.

They deserve no more than what they do to the least of them.


And also at Oliver’s place, I see somebody’s off to a good start. Go Sheriff!