It’s The Timing, Stupid

From the Trib’s analysis, which sounds like an asskissing if you ignore all the barbs stuck in here and there:

It was in many ways a masterly speech, filled with empathy, poetry and a clearly articulated plan to address the costliest natural disaster in the nation’s history. But the words were late in coming and delivered by a president who delivers calls for cuts in government as applause lines.

“History is sometimes the moment a bell rings,” said Douglas Brinkley, a historian and professor at the University of New Orleans. “He had a historic opportunity to seize this and become a great leader and he bobbled it not just once but four or five times. This is a speech that needed to have been delivered within days of the hurricane.”

That’s really what it’s all about. This is a recovery effort not for New Orleans, but for Bush. And there’s really only one talking point we need, which has the added benefit of actually being true: Too little. Too late.