An Act of Faith: Galactica Thread

As always, don’t click “read more” if you don’t want to read spoilers.

A series of quick takes:

Apollo falling for Dualla? The hell? I mean, trust me, I understand where he’s coming from, she’s my absolute favorite character, but … isn’t she technically his subordinate and thus it’s all of a piece with the Chief and Boomer before we knew Boomer was a Cylon kind of thing?

I love the look of realization on Adama’s face when Roslin returns the book. The man was robbed of an Emmy, robbed I tell you.

Sometimes Starbuck gets on my nerves. That was tremendously mean of her to fake disappearing, knowing how on edge everybody is. Bad Starbuck. Come over here and be punished.

Wicked cool moments: The advancing Cylon net of raiders. The 3-D flips Starbuck did in her new toy. The scene with Boomer that reminded me of that part I can hardly watch in “Empire Strikes Back,” when Han is mated with the power tool department at Menards.

I know a lot of people are going to find the Chief’s ship-project and the way it brought everybody together unbearably cheesy but I loved it, because like everything else that appeals to me about this show, it’s just so frakking REAL.

I worked at a place once that was in really bad financial shape, and at any moment we were gonna go under and then we’d all be jobless and homeless and family-less, it was that kind of place. Every night we used to clean the office. And I mean clean. Get down on hands and knees and scrub the floors, rub scuffs off the walls, stack papers up neatly … I became slightly obsessed with getting framed art for the walls, wheedled and stole and used my own money to buy frames for stuff. It had nothing to do with anything that was wrong with the place, but dammit, if we cleaned that office then everything was gonna be just fine.

You focus on the little things as the world is collapsing, because if you look outward at what’s about to swallow you, you’ll go under.

Now, dedicating the ship to Laura? That was a some quality Velveeta.

But I loved it anyway, because I’m a sap.