Judy’s Friends

From Holden:

Who knew Judith Miller was so popular?

[F]or 30 minutes nearly every day, the world comes to her: A parade of prominent government and media officials, 99 in all, visited Miller between early July, when she was jailed for refusing to be questioned by a federal prosecutor, and Labor Day, according to a document obtained by The Washington Post.

The who’s who of friends, supporters and Washington and New York luminaries includes John Bolton, President Bush’s new ambassador to the United Nations; former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw; and former Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kan. Gonzalo Marroquin, president of the Inter-American Press Society and director of the Guatemalan daily Prensa Libre has been by


“Judy Miller is the most innocent person in this case,” Brokaw said Friday. “I really thought that was outrageous that she was jailed and we needed as journalists to draw a line in the sand in a strong but thoughtful way.”


“There are a lot of people, like Senator Dole, that are concerned about her as a friend and as a reporter,” Bennett said. “And Judy has a lot of friends.”

Those friends include billionaire publisher Mort Zuckerman, blockbuster book editor Alice Mayhew and prolific director Irwin Winkler.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., and Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., have visited to discuss a federal shield law for reporters protecting their sources. Dole, a longtime friend, came by before Labor Day with an aide, and later wrote an opinion piece in The New York Times urging her release.

The good news for Judy’s many friends is they can take their time visiting her — she may be locked up for months.

Although Miller is due to be released when the federal grand jury closes its investigation of the case on Oct. 28, special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could seek an extension or ask that a new grand jury be convened.

“The prosecutor in open court talked about the possibility of convening a new grand jury,” Abrams told E&P Monday, referring to the original sentencing hearing. When Miller was put behind bars on July 6, the sentence was for 18 months or until the grand jury ends its investigation.