Today on Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle

From Holden:

Don’t look now, Scottie, but your polls are showing.

Q AP has a poll coming out this afternoon showing that, even since the President spoke to the nation last week that nearly six in ten Americans still disapprove of the job that he’s doing. Is he concerned that he’s not convincing Americans that he has a plan for Katrina recovery?

MR. McCLELLAN: Well, the President is acting on the priorities that are most important to the American people, like meeting the needs of the people affected by Katrina, prevailing in the war on terrorism, and addressing high gas prices. Those are all priorities that the American people are concerned about. They are concerns they share with the President, and that’s where our focus is.

Since you guys did such a great job last time…

Q Is there any consideration of declaring Rita an incident of national significance and triggering the national response plan? Is that something that is being discussed?

MR. McCLELLAN: Like I said, Hurricane Rita is something we continue to monitor, and if there are any updates, we’ll — the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA would certainly keep you apprised of that. Right now it’s a category one. As it crosses further into the Gulf, I think everybody expects it to strengthen, and so we’ll continue to monitor and continue to act.

As you’re aware, with Hurricane Katrina, we issued emergency declarations ahead of time, given the nature of the storm and the seriousness of the storm.

Q You didn’t declare it an incident of national significance until the following Tuesday, right?