What Ezra Says

Time to quit playing tag blindfolded.

You know, I do understand where the “vote for the person, not the party” people are coming from. I voted for a Republican representative while I was living in Madison, Wisconsin. I know. But the Dem was such a douchebag, such a fucking amateur, and the Repub was a nice moderate guy who probably would get drummed out of the party now that Bush is in charge. At the time, I had no idea about the balance of the legislature or how my one rep would swing it one way or another. Give me a break. I was 19.

But I’m not 19 anymore, and hopefully the people running NARAL aren’t 19, and we can all understand that it’s about power, not personal conviction. We are better off with Ben Nelson and Harry Reid in office than we are with two Republicans in those seats, I don’t care how pro-choice those Republicans would claim to be. A Democratic Senate, and there would be no Chief Justice Roberts. A Democratic House, and there would be no President Bush.

If NARAL is sincere in its goals it will do as Ezra suggests and help make those last two dreams a reality.