DeLay Speculation

From Holden:

What to make of the new indictments? Was Earle’s case weak, or was he intending to seek indictments on additional charges all along?

[A] source close to the investigation, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he lacked authority to speak publicly, noted that Earle told reporters last week that his investigation was continuing and asserted that Earle had intended to bring these charges even before the challenge raised by DeLay’s lawyers.

Last week there was some speculation that DeLay had reached an agreement with Ronnie Earle in which DeLay would waive applicaton of the statute of limitations on the conspiracy charge in exchange for Earle’s withholding of more serious charges.

Today we learned that DeLay’s lawyers were attmepting to revoke that waiver.

The backdrop for Monday’s action may have been a dispute over the continued viability of a waiver of the three-year statute of limitations that DeLay granted in writing on Sept. 12 in order to keep trying to persuade Earle not to issue any indictments. After last week’s conspiracy charge, DeGuerin said the waiver was withdrawn.

Perhaps, when faced with the DeLay team’s attempt to back out of a plea bargain, Ronnie Earle brought the hammer down on The Hammer in the form of money laundering charges that carry a life sentence.