If There Be Any Reason

why Jon Carroll and I should not be joined in holy matrimony:

I understand and approve of a reporter going to jail to protect her sources. The reporter has made a promise, and she needs to abide by her promise. (There are, of course, exceptions, even as there are exceptions to doctor-patient confidentiality.) I can even see the philosophical argument that a promise is a contract between an individual and his honor, not between an individual and another individual, and no one can release you from a sacred pledge. But that’s clearly not the position that Miller is taking.

I am trying to construct an explanation that makes sense of the facts as we know them, and it seems clear that we do not know all the facts.

And another thing: How did Judith Miller get to be the martyr in all this? It was, after all, Valerie Plame who got caught in the cross fire between a vindictive White House and an angry diplomat. Someone might spare a thought for her. And if you want journalistic martyrs — well, there are a whole bunch of them in Iraq and Afghanistan right now, risking their lives to tell the story of their wars. Those are the journalists I stand in awe of.

You’d better speak now or forever hold your peace, because I’m picking out curtains.