Norbizness tells us the only safe way to criticize the war:

— First off, you can never have contributed one red cent to anyone affiliated with the Democrats (candidates, state or national parties). It doesn’t matter if the Democratic candidate was an old personal friend, or if 99.5% of your remaining cash went to Republicans. However, this has a 10-year statute of limitations. Texas Governor Rick Perry, after all, was Al Gore’s Presidential Campaign Manager in Texas in 1988. But then he traded the wrong for the right.

— Also, never say “I used to be a Republican, but…”. Nobody used to be a Republican, you are in the club in perpetuity, or you were never in the club to begin with. That trick only works if you want to pretend in a left-leaning site’s comments that you used to be a Democrat… but then a bunch of leftists hijacked the discussion, tore up your persimmon bushes, and caused property values to go down in your neighborhood.

— Further, in order to have a legitimate criticism of the Bush Administration, you cannot be one of the people Bush Administration fucked over. You are probably disgruntled and were hard-wired by the Intelligent Designer for genetic disloyalty, anyway. However, if you are not one of the people the Bush Administration fucked over, you are probably an elitist think tank ivory tower type person who isn’t privy to the inner workings of the Bush Administration.

Look. The moral of this story is the same as the moral of every other story ever told in the last five years. There is no safe way to criticize these guys. There is no one person, no one candidate, no one occupier of any office in the entire country who is immune from Republican criticism.

There are no sterling credentials that will protect you. There is no resume so stellar they cannot use it to discredit you. There is no length or breadth or depth to your subjugation to the Bush cult that will not result in you getting kicked in the teeth the minute you voice a contrary opinion. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. You will not be treated fairly, you will not be treated decently, and should you respond in kind you will be heaped with even more invective coupled with a certain special flavor of bullshit about how you’re contributing to the downfall of public discourse, you phony war hero/gay/father of illegitimate black children, you.

It’s pointless to try to find a way around the attack machine. There isn’t one. You either accept that anything goes for them and nothing goes for you and speak up anyway, or you go back to hiding underneath your bed, breathing as quietly as you can, and hoping they don’t find you or that if they do find you, they don’t hit you hard enough to leave a mark.

I hear that works pretty good.