Broder Vs. Girl With Website

You know, when I was working for my college paper David Broder came to campus and spoke to our newsroom. Most of us were fanboys and girls so this was hugely impressive; as he went around the room shaking hands, my friend Matt leaned over and asked, “So when does he bless and annoint us?” He was kind to us journo-niblets and later spoke well of the paper in a speech he was giving that night, and man, when you’re working for free for 70 hours a week in a windowless basement, validation from somebody getting paid to do what you do was soul food.

So I felt kind of bad smacking him around in this column I’m doing for my old paper, but I just thought he made a bad argument. Plus I wanted the chance to extol the virtues of brilliant Oliver who should be getting the high-level consulting contracts that go to 8-time election losers instead.