Somebody’s Going To Jail

“This country is an idea. And one that’s lit the whole world for two centuries. And treason against that idea is not just a crime against the living. This crime holds the graves of people who have died for it. Who gave what Lincoln called the last full measure of devotion.”

— The West Wing

There are 2,000 soldiers who died for what Cheney, Rove, Libby, Feith, Rice, Hadley, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld wrought.

That’s what the Plame case is about. It is about why we went to war, and how, and who suffered and died, and the lies that were told to protect the powerful at the expense of the weak. It is about what our leaders did to those who tried to tell the truth, and it is about how we failed, over and over, despite our best efforts, to hold those leaders accountable, to defend those who spoke up, to protect those who most needed our protection.

Treason is not just betrayal of the living. It is betrayal of the dead. It is betrayal of history, of the story we tell of our country, of who we are and how we came to be. There’s nothing more serious than that. Nothing.