Official A

So Fitzmas has arrived, champagne’s been drunk, presents opened, your brother’s pasted a bow on his head, your uncle Pete just barfed into the potted fern, the truck you bought for your kid has been discarded in favor of the box it came in which is providing endless amusement … now what?

Well, for starters, as we heard from Fitz this afternoon, this ain’t over. And don’t be fooled by his aw-shucks demeanor into thinking what he’s got on his plate still is no big deal. If he’s pursuing this through Cheney’s office, he’s going all the way through Cheney’s office and out the other side and down a couple feet into the lawn just to make sure.

There’s Official A, for starters. That’s chewy, that little tidbit there.

This indictment is just the beginning of a process to provide justice for more than 2,000 dead soldiers, for a woman whose career was destroyed, for a man who is being slandered on talk shows even as we speak, for intelligence agents whose work was ignored, for anybody and everybody abandoned because this group of people in the White House was too focused on political destruction to do the jobs they needed to do.

Spin is important now, message is important now, but if there’s one thing I took from an afternoon of watching one Republican after another, from Bob Barr to Orrin Hatch to even the loathesome little tool from Human Events, it’s that they get how serious this is. And they’re scared.