The Next Ten Yards

John has ways you can show Harry you’re out there cheering him on.

Even if what you can send is a note saying thank you, please send something. It’s going to be important that he know who we are and how happy we are that he did what he did today. Remember what happened to Dick Durbin when he stood up against torture? He was pounded on, demonized, called names, his words were twisted and used against him. And deep down when he apologized I felt bad for him, felt I hadn’t done enough to tell him how brave I thought he’d been, how no matter what Rush Limbaugh said, there were people out there who agreed with him and supported him. I thought that maybe had he known that, he would have felt a little more free to tell Republicans to take a hike with their hypocrisy.

Harry won the day today. But by tomorrow they’ll be done ducking and running and they’ll be up and attacking, trying to make sure it never, ever, ever happens again. Trying to make him sorry for standing up for his country. They’ll try to put this day into rewind and if you remember what happened to Howard Dean, well, I have a feeling that’s nothing compared to what’s waiting for Harry Reid. He beat on Frist like Rocky Balboa and man, is Frist gonna want some of his own back.

We can’t let Senator Reid think his brave stance went unappreciated. We can’t let him forget that for every angry wingnut calling him a traitor there’s two of us who think he’s a great American. Reward good behavior. Reward a job well done.

Keep giving ’em hell, Harry. We’ve got your back.