Fess Up, Holden

It was really just you whacking the refresh button 2,087,208 times, right?

In honor of our 2 millionth and then some hit, some quick maintenance things:

1. When you post, try not to use “free sex webcams” or “beastiality” or “hot asian virgins” anywhere in your comments, okay? Those are the triggers I search for to delete commentspam, along with viagra and blackjack. Or else post about beastiality and free video poker all you want, and just know that every week or so I’ll be going through and deleting it.

2. We don’t tolerate trolls. And yes, you do in fact know the difference between disagreement and trolling, so don’t give me that look. And no, I’m not oppressing you by banninating your ridiculous ass. Make your arguments coherently and sign with a screen name at least, or go find a blog you like and hang out there.

3. If your login doesn’t work, or the lost password function doesn’t work, or something else isn’t working, post that below.

4. Chinchilla server update hopefully sometime next week. I’m still working on the nuts and bolts of the deal.