Happy Democrat Photo: Rockafella

First of all, our Happy Democrat, Sen. Jay Rockefeller:


At the above MyDD story Chris Bowers characterizes Rockefeller and Kerry and Gephardt (and other Dems who’ve come out and told George to shove his toy war up his ass) thusly:

One at a time, the roughly 40% of federally elected Democrats who voted for the war are admitting their mistake.

I don’t see the strategy as one of “admitting mistakes” so much as one of saying look, we were lied to just like the American people were lied to, and if they want to say “misled” instead of lied, or “incompetence” instead of “drooling morons,” that’s fine, but the meaning’s basically the same.

Democrats are saying they didn’t slip, trip and vote for war. They were bullied and bamboozled and rolled over by people like Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, Douglas Feith, everybody who went out there and said you’re either for toppling Saddam Hussein with too few troops and our half-assed plan, or you want him to nuke Baltimore.

They’re saying, “We voted for war on the basis of some bullshit, and we’d like the people who manufactured that bullshit held accountable, and now that we know what bullshitters these bullshitters are, we’re not going to let them bullshit us anymore.”

They’re not admitting their mistake as much as they’re calling the administration on its mistake.

It’s an important distinction, besides being about time already.