Ya’ Gotta Love Ya’ Some Condi

From Holden:

That’s some fine international diplomatizin’ she’s doin’ there.

[Sec. Rice] predicted that the Iraqi elections this week would yield the most democratic government “in the entire Middle East.” She did not mention the long-standing democracy in Israel.


“As welcome as this broad support is, I am sad to say that the international community has barely done anything to help Iraq prosecute Saddam Hussein,” she said.

“All who express their devotion to human rights and the rule of law have a special obligation to help the Iraqis bring to justice one of the world’s most murderous tyrants.”

She did not name names, nor say just what other nations could do to help. Although the former president’s trial is being carried out in an Iraqi court, with an Iraqi judge, the United States underwrote and helped organize the criminal investigation and prosecution effort.