Sgt. Knowles Has A Bright Future as a Swift Boat Victim

From Holden:

Another war hero against the war.

On May 4, 2004, [Army Sgt. Bob Knowles] was riding in an M1 Abrams tank that was ambushed. A rocket-propelled grenade hit the top of the tank. Since the hatch was open, Knowles was hit with shrapnel that entered his back and went out his shoulder. His helmet was also blown off.

As he waited for a medical helicopter, he could feel himself going into shock; he thought about his German-born wife and their infant daughter.

Doctors later told him that fragments had come within 1 millimeter of his heart and 2 millimeters of his lung. But he would be OK.


He has since come to oppose the war.

“After seeing friends die and almost dying myself, I think American soldiers are, I wouldn’t say dying for nothing, but it’s needless and I think we need to bring everybody home.”

Meanwhile, the Italians know how to support their troops.

Italy will pull out 300 of its soldiers from Iraq in January next year, AFP reported, citing a statement of the Italian Minister of Defense Antonio Martino.