Memo To Miners: The Canary’s Coughing Up Chunks

Freepi, in this thread:

What a Piece of S*** story. The NSA is protecting our lives,

Right on, Bro…I’m with you.

We can’t let quaint ideas like probable cause get in the way.

For instance, I went down to the local police station and demanded a body cavity search. You never know what some Muslim has hidden there in your sleep.


Maybe, but all they have to do is get a warrant. Is it terribly hard to get a warrant? I don’t understand the need for this authorization when domestic spying is already legal with a warrant. I’m not being argumentative I’m asking a serious question that maybe someone who knows more about intelligence can help me with. Why the need for this authorization?


All the filthy traitors at the New York Slimes should have all *their* communicatons surveiled to catch them and their enemy and DemoLoserista Subversive Pervert Party controllers.

After we get them, then we can go after those who criticize the President here on Free Republic.

And the Libertarians after that.


Are these newspapers suggesting that a country at war should not spy on her enemies within her border?

I am saying that. Without a warrant, searches are illegal.

And my favorite …

‘‘They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Ben Franklen

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