Cornering Abramoff

From Holden:

Following one scant, six-word post on Jack Abramoff’s plea deal yesterday the denizens of The Corner have written a grand total of three posts on the GOP lobbying machine today.

J-Pod refuses him — once

ABRAMOFF [John Podhoretz] I met him 21 years ago at Grover Norquist’s house, and I remember having the distinct feeling that I needed to wash my hands after shaking his. Posted at 09:49 AM

…before pointing out what a jewy, jewy Jew Abramoff is — and a bad Jew at that.

ABRAMOFF’S ATTIRE [John Podhoretz] Ace of Spades says Jack Abramoff looked like a 1920s gangster when he walked out of the courthouse yesterday. Actually, what was on his head was a particular kind of black hat — the black hat of a very Orthodox Jew. It appears the already Orthodox Abramoff has become even more rigorously devout in his time of trouble. It would have helped him to follow the precepts of his religion rather than just follow its practices. As it is, Abramoff is this decade’s shondeh far die goyim — a Jewish person disgraced in front of non-Jews and therefore a particular shame to his own people Posted at 10:07 AM

While K-Lo points us to the Senate GOP’s clever plan.

ABRAMOFF [Kathryn Jean Lopez] Just up: Byron reports on the Senate GOP plan for reform, which Frist has put Santorum in charge of. Posted at 09:29 AM

Ignore for the moment National Review editor K-Lo’s use of a preposition to end her sentence. I’m having some trouble wrapping my brain around the idea that Bill Frist, under investigation by the SEC and the DOJ for insider trading, has developed a “reform” plan and decided that the Republican Senator most likely to lose his seat next year should lead the “reform” effort.